Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Khud chaak ker ke ghiribaan, zakhm si lete hain...

Khud chaak ker ke ghiribaan, zakhm si lete hain,
Aao ab khud he hijr ka jaam pi lete hain,

Aftaab ki gardish main mubtala hain tamaam siyare,
Hum bhi apne shab-o-roz teri yaad ke gird ji lete hain,

Tark-e-taluq ki naveed sunain un ko tou kis maqsad se?
Dil-o-jaan jo dete hain, woh haal-e-dil jaan bhi lete hain,

Perdesi pun ki ghariyon main se, yaadon ke iss khazanay se,
Hum lete hain kuch tou bus woh aik shaam hi lete hain,

Tearing our own gown apart, we sewed our wounds,
Come, let's go drink the wine of separation ourselves,

In the orbit of the sun, do all the planets revolve,
Let us also revolve our days around your memory,

What point in telling them the news of this relationship's ending,
Those who give their heart, know also the state of the heart,

From all the time in this foreign land, from all these beautiful memories,
If I had to choose one, I would choose the evening we spent together,

- Hassan Bin Fahim

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Punjabi Tappe: dil utte sada naa likh ke

dil utte sada naa likh ke,
tu rab nu bhula dai apne,
boli ishq di aape sikh ke,

boli bhulni bhul gaiyaan,
tu ravi paar aaja soniyo,
ranjha ranjha kerdi rul gaiyaan,

ranjhe di jutti peeli aai,
menu kuri oh chaidi,
jisdi akh thori neeli aai,

pul thalay wadi naali aai,
parre sutto tusi goriyan nu,
tere sajan di akh kaali aai,

On your heart write our name,
Forget your own god,
By learning the language of love,

Forgetting a language, I have forgotten,
Come over the river Ravi oh beloved,
Saying your name - I have destroyed myself,

Ranjha's shoe is yellow in color,
I want that girl to be my lover,
Whose eyes have a little blue in them,

Beneath the bridge there is a large stream,
Sit aside all your white girls,
Your beloved has eyes black in color,

- Hassan Bin Fahim

Friday, 20 January 2017

Maloom kissai, lahu apna is qadar lazeez hai...

Maloom kissai, lahu apna is qadar lazeez hai,
Teri bewafai, teri berukhi, mujhe aaj bhi azeez hai,

Rangat uski chand jaisi, gulabi uske hont hain,
Andhere jaisa dil mera aur kali meri kameez hai,

Gham-e-ishq main ager peete ho tou jurm likha nahi jaata,
Loh-o-kalam ko bhi aakhir, muhabat ki tameez hai,

Shab-e-vasl aai gi jab, Hassan tab he tera ilaaj hoga,
Kai tu jaam ka nahi Saqi ki nazar ka mareez hai,

Who knew that one's own blood could be this delicious?
Your betrayal, your aloofness, till today I desire it,

Her countenance is moon like, rose pink are her lips,
Like the dark night is my heart, black is the color of my shirt,

If you drink in the sorrow of love, your sin is not written,
Even the Book and the Pen, know to respect love,

When the night of reunion comes, only then will you heal Hassan,
For your disease is not the drink but the sight of the Saqi,

- Hassan Bin Fahim

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tanhai k aik samandar main dil mera basta hai...

Tanhai k aik samandar main dil mera basta hai,
Safar ki uljhan kaisi, jab tere ghar ka rasta hai,

Perdai k peeche jis dil ki siskiyan sunai deti hain,
Mehfil main wohi dil muskurata hai, hasta hai,

Yeh maana k dil mera aap ki humdardi k qabil nahi,
Mager qabol ker lejyeh, maal yeh paidar aur sasta hai,

Maut ki rasomaat tou riwayat main mili theen hum ko,
Dastoor-e-ishq main mager aashiq khud kafan kasta hai,

Berukhi main unki, lehaaz kis tarhan ka?
Najaaane kyu mager aik umeed si wabasta hai,

In the sea of solitude, my heart does exist,
What pain of traveling, when the road is to your abode,

Behind the curtain, the heart whose sighs can be heard,
In company that very heart smiles and laugh as well, 

We agree that our heart is not worthy of your affection,
But accept it for the good is durable and available for cheap,

The rituals of death, we were given in tradition,
Yet in the way of love, the dead tie their own burial shroud,

In their aloofness, there is no relenting,
Unknown to me is why we still have hope,

- Hassan Bin Fahim

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Umer bhar ki zindagi main, chaar din jawani hai...

Umer bhar ki zindagi main, chaar din jawani hai,
Tumhari berukhi aqalmandi, meri aashiqi nadani hai,

Ankhon main mukhlisi, niyyaton main pakeezgi,
Muhabbat ki humse talash unko aur konsi nishani hai,

Yeh fasalai unke aur phir shok-e-visal hamara,
Ishq-e-yar dil main, aur soorat-e-yar anjani hai,

Talab rakhna hamara aur unka alam-e-baifikri,
Azal se yaktarfi ibteda-e-muhabbat ki pehchani hai,

Ghazal kai saghar main jis mai ki talash hai unko,
Lafzon kai pairhan main, ashqon ki kahani hai,

In a life time of living, only four days of youth,
Your aloofness is your shrewdness, my love is my innocence,

Sincerity in my eyes, purity in my intentions,
What other signs of love do they seek from us?

These distances of your and my desire to meet,
The beloveds love in my heart, the beloveds face unknown,

For us to posses desire and their state of carelessness,
Since eternity unrequited emotion has been a sign of love's beginning,

In the goblet of the Ghazal, the wine that they seek,
In a garment of words, the stories of our tears,

Hassan Bin Fahim

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Zulm-o-jabr tou husn waalon ki saqafat hai...

Zulm-o-jabr tou husn waalon ki saqafat hai,
Badla-e-khulus main naseeb humain adawat hai,

Koi jaa ker kare kamosh Ali bin Asghar ko,
Aah nahi berdasht abhi, yeh waqt-e-shaddat hai

Woh karain zulm aur hum hain k umeed naa harain,
Mohabbat ke ander bhi aik ajeeb si sharafat hai,

Sawal aik zaroor meri maiyat ko sataiga,
Qafan tou hogaya, qatil ko nadamat hai?

Itna zulm kyu kisi ghair per koi kere ga,
Tumhari berukhbhi bhi daleel-e-rafaqat hai!

Pain and cruelty is the tradition of those with beauty,
In return for sincerity we are destined only with malice,

Someone go and quiet Ali bin Asghar* now
No sighs are tolerated here, this is the time of sacrifice,

They continue with their torture and we fail to lose hope,
In love exists an odd sort of innocence,

A question will indeed plague me beyond life,
The burial has happened, does the murderer regret?

Such cruelty who would do unto a stranger?
Your aloofness is proof of our closeness!

- Hassan Bin Fahim

*Ali Bin Asghar is a reference to Husein's (ra) infant son from the battle of Karbala.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Rooth ker janai walai, mujhe tujh se koi gila nahi...

Rooth ker janai walai, mujhe tujh se koi gila nahi,
Berukhi qabool hai, muhabbat ka koi sila nahi,

Lambi hai yeh shaam e ghum aur waqt bohat hai,
Niklay thai jis ki talash main manzil per woh mila nahi,

Dasht-e-tanhai hai ya phir haal-e-dil hai yeh mera,
Jaise k hawa chali bagh main aur patta koi hila nahi,

Jisne dil dai ker bhi tawaqo rakhi dil laine ki unn se,
Ghareeb ko qarz deta hoga zakat fisabilillah nahi,

With anger you have left us but we have no greivences,
Your aloofness is welcome because for love we expect no return,

This night of loneliness is long and much a time is left,
In whose search we left was not to found when we reached,

Is it the barren dessert or is this the state of my heart?
For the wind blows but not a leaf moves,

He who after giving their heart, expects one in return,
Gives not charity to the poor but a loan instead,

- Hassan Bin Fahim