Thursday, 13 September 2018

Ghazal: Dil main mere darya-e-muhabbat basta hai

Dil main mere darya-e-muhabbat basta hai,
Talash mehaz aik rawangi ka rasta hai,

Tum na befawai kerna, tumhe qasam muhabat ki,
Meri inn baataon per woh khilkhila ker hasta hai,

Shamaain jalti raheen, rakh ho gaye perwanai,
Aatish-e-zulf ko mager ab bhi dil tarasta hai,

Yoon tou tera gham bhi kam gham nahi mager,
Bhul jaata hon gham-e-karbala jab barasta hai,

Berukhi main uski, lehaaz kis tarhan ka?
Najaaane kyu mager aik umeed si wabasta hai,

A river of love is forever present in my heart,
Search and searching for a path to flow on,

Do not leave me, my beloved, swear on love itself!
When I say things like this, she laughs openly,

Candles continue to burn, the moths have turned to ash,
Only one lunatic still craves the flames of your tress

While the pain you have given me is pain enough,
I forget all when I think of the pain of Karbala,

There is no end to her aloofness, no restraint!
I do not know why I still hope for the hopeless,

- Hassan Bin Fahim

Friday, 24 August 2018

Majnoon noon ral aashiq khende...

Majnoon noon ral aashiq khende,
Way teri Laila rang di kaali,
Ditta jawab majnoon mian,
Way ja teri akh nahi wakhan wali,
Quran kareem dai warq nai chitay,
Uthay likhi eh siahi kali,
Way Bulleyah jithay dil ar jaway,
Fer ki gori, ki kali way?!

- Bulleh Shah

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Quwat-e-sukhan main ab kho betha hon...

Quwat-e-sukhan main ab kho betha hon,
Jitne gham thai, sab main ro betha hon,

Bejazba-o-shouq nazar aane laga hon sab ko,
Dunya walon ki mehfil main jo betha hon,

Rukh pai zulf teri jo pukare tou kya?
Aaishiqi se hath main ab dho betha hon,

Ikhtetaam ho ga kab is safr-e-taveel ka,
Intezar kerte kerte kahin so betha hon,

Vaiz se kehta hon, hosh ka rishta hai haal se, 
Aur huzoor main yahan behaal ho betha hon,

I have lost my ability for art now,
I have cried away all the sorrows I had,

I appear without passion or desire to all, 
After joining the company of the worldly,

The tress on your face calls me towards itself,
But I have washed my hands of the affair of love,

When will this long journey come to an end,
I have gone to sleep, waiting and waiting,

Consciousness is the trait of those who are present,
And my dear preacher, I am not present,

- Hassan Bin Fahim

Friday, 22 December 2017

Ghazal: Paishbandi se pareshan, dil-e-masoom bekarar ab hai,

Paishbandi se pareshan, dil-e-masoom bekarar ab hai,
Intezar tak bhi kerne ka mujhe intezar ab hai,

Mutashabih hai roz-e-qayamat se shab-e-vasal bhi,
Kai aanai main faqt waqt ki davar ab hai,

Sabab barbaadi ka adawat nahi, unki sharafat thi,
Ahd-e-wafa pehle kia aur pyar ab hai

Zilat aamez ho ker rukhsat kiya jaata tha unki mehfil se,
Teher jao thori aur dair, unka asrar ab hai,

Na thi naseeb uski aik muskurahat mujh badkismat ko,
Mehaz mera tasuvur he mera madadgar ab hai!

My anticipation frustrates me, my innocent heart is restless,
Eagerly I wait for the opportunity to await her arrival,

The day of the apocalypse is like the night of lovers union,
The only thing keeping them apart now is the wall of time,

The cause of my ruin was not her malice, but her innocence,
The promise of her faithfulness was given before her love,

Earlier we would be cast out humiliated from her festive gathering,
Wait just a little longer before you leave, she says to me now,

It was not in my destiny to receive a smile from them,
The imagination of her smile will have to suffice for me!

- Hassan Bin Fahim

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Ghazal: Dard Bhi Bikta Hai Bazar Main

Hum dil jalon ki kismat main tapish-e-afraab aai,
Aur hazrat-e-raqeeb k naseeb noor-e-mehtab aai,

Sehraon ki barish jaisi hai yaad bhi tumhari,
Jo kabhi naa aai ya aai tou behisaab aai,

Namanzori bhi manzor hai is berukhi k badlay,
Lekin paigham-e-mubbat ka koi tou jawab aai,

Uski bewafai k waswason ko yun bhula deta hon,
Aakhir jo khayal aai mujhe hamesha kharab aai,

Ehtaram khoob kerte hain hum unki pardadari ka,
Jaag uthta main jo khuab main woh beniqaab aai,

Dard bhi bikta hai bazar main ghazal ki surat,
Kon inkar kerai jo aansuon ki sharab aai,


Burned hearted like us are destined to the sun's scorching,
And my gentleman rival is destined to the moon's light,

Like the desert rain is your memory,
It does not occur and when it does, it is limitless,

A denial is preferred over this indifference of yours,
At least give some answer to my message of love,

I forget the doubts I have, of them acting unfaithfully,
By thinking what thought have I had that is not useless,

Much respect do I have, for there desire to remain hidden,
Wake up I do when in my dreams they come uncovered,

Even pain is sold in the market in the form of a ghazal,
Who does not drink when the wine is made of tears?

- Hassan Bin Fahim

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Shair: Ho Naseeb Nazar-e-Karam Unko

Nadamat kya chez hai, aati tak nahi sharam unko,
Baat ka apni kisi zamane main tha bharam unko,
Ujar ker bhi tere darbaar main yehi dua kerta hon,
Ilahi teri mehfil se ho naseeb nazar-e-karam unko,

What of regret? They feel not even shame on their doing,
They who once long ago used to value their word,
But even after ruin only this prayer escapes my lips,
My Lord may they only be destined with your grace,

- Hassan Bin Fahim

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Nazm: Aik Qom Ka Sapna

Buzurogon nai mere yun sapna aik mujhko bataya,
Nizam-e-shehr-e-gumbat-e-sabz aik qom nai apnaya,

Ujaar ker bastiyan uski, mangi jo qurbani lahu ki usse,
Mard-o-zan kya? uska naa bacha naa bura ghabraya!

Aik sapne ke peeche luta daali umer bhar ki poonji,
Aik khuwab ke waste usne khud apna ghar tak jalaya,

Us qom ko thi umeed zamane kai andaaz badalne ki,
Us qom nai apne jawanon ko peeron ka ustaad banaya,

Aik shola-e-ishq basta tha uss qom ki nigah k ander,
Uss qom nai khaak se aik mulk ko janam dilwaya!

Taqdeer-e-maghrib-o-mashrik uss qom nai badal daali,
Naskh-e-dunya pai kalma-e-laa-ilaha usne nai likhwaya,

Kidhr gai woh qom phir aakhir? Kya bana us sapne ka?
Uss qom ko bus mushkilon aur majbooriyon nai sataya,

Baich daala uss qom ke jawanon ne adal-o-insaaf ka virsa,
Jahalat ki hawas main apne buzurgon ka sapna bhulaya,

Sadaqat, adalat aur shujaat ka sabak usko yaad naa tha,
Uss qom nai khud dunya ki imamat ka mansab gawaya,

Toota qalam mera, aur ashk aa gaye Iqbal ki aankhon main,
"Bete tumne kyu mera sapna tora, kyu mujhko itna rulaya?"


My elders once told me the story of a dream they had seen,
The system of the city with the green dome, a nation adopted,

After their neighborhoods were wrecked, they were asked for their lives,
What of men and women? Neither their young nor their elders panicked,

After a dream this nation sacrificed a lifetime's of savings,
After a dream this nation burned down their own houses,

This nation hoped to change the ways of this world,
This nation made their young teach their old of revolution,

There was an ember of love in the eyes of this nation,
They gave birth to country from what was once dirt,

The destiny of the east and west - this nation changed!
On the map of the planet, they wrote the kalma of laa-ilaha,

Where did this nation go then? What happened to the dream?
That nation became a victim of hardships and compromises,

The youth of the nation sold their heritage of justice and equality,
In the lust of their ignorance, they forgot the dream of their elders,

The lessons of truthfulness, fairness, and bravery they remember not,
They lost themselves their position to lead the world into the future,

My pen broke and tears started rolling down from Iqbal's eyes,
"Oh my son, why did you shatter my dream? Why did you make me cry?"

- Hassan Bin Fahim